Woodwind Technique


  • James Galway Masterclass: Dallas, TX, February 2007. A series of YouTube videos from a masterclass taught by James Galway in 2007 covering embouchure, breathing, vibrato and a host of other flute techniques.  I’ve linked to the first of these, on embouchure, below.


  • Creating an Embouchure and First Note, by Anthony McGill, principal clarinetist of the Metropolitan Opera.
  • Hand Position and Posture, by Anthony McGill, principal clarinetist of the Metropolitan Opera
  • Natural Finger Motion, by Michele Gingras, Miami University (OH).  Great tips on conservation of energy and avoiding tension in order to build speed and flexibility.
  • Chromatic Scale Tips, by Dr. Shannon Scott, Washington State University.  Dr. Scott walks you through the low E-high G chromatic scale found on most auditions, with some fingering hints to improve intonation and speed.


  • Taming the Saxophone, from NAFME’s Teaching Music magazine, by Sean Murphy
  • Saxophone Embouchure, by Jerry Bergonzi, jazz saxophonist and faculty member at New England Conservatory.
  • Saxophone Articulation, by Dr. Timothy McAllister, University of Arizona.
  • Saxophone Vibrato, various.