Private Instruction

Students at all levels are strongly encouraged to study on their primary instrument or voice with a private instructor. The one-on-one student/mentor environment allows for tutoring tailored to the areas in which a student needs the most work and allows that student to improve at his or her own pace. This sort of tutoring outside of ensemble class time allows the student to accelerate progress on mastery of their instrument and to be exposed to a rich tradition of solo and ensemble material written for their instrument or voice part.

Students who are considering studying or participating in music at the college level, or who are interested in serving in a leadership role for their section should study privately through all four years of high school, but students of all grade and interest levels can benefit greatly from doing so. Students who are interested in beginning private study are welcome to ask their director for teacher recommendations. We will make every effort to provide assistance to families who are concerned about costs associated with obtaining private instruction for their child.

In order to ensure that you find a good match in a private teacher, we recommend that you schedule one or two lessons if possible with a teacher before committing to working with them long-term. Parents and students are ultimately responsible for making sure that a private teacher is right for them, so choose carefully!

Instruction on all common wind, string and keyboard instruments, as well as ensemble workshop classes and a wide range of ensembles and other enrichment opportunities are also available through South Shore Conservatory in Hingham and Duxbury.  For more information about their offerings or to schedule an appointment, visit



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