Percussion Technique

Snare Drum

  • Setup and Basic Playing Position. The very basics on ideal snare drum setup and posture.
  • Stick Selection and Characteristic Sound.  How to select concert snare sticks, and what kinds of sounds you should be aiming for in concert playing.
  • Proper Stick Grip.  Basics on ensuring proper matched and traditional grips.
  • The Basic Legato/Rebound Stroke.  Practice tips for developing a relaxed, flexible legato stroke, as well as basic exercises for single and double stroke rudiments and the paradiddle.
  • Multiple Bounce and Double Stroke Roll Techniques.  An introduction to basic roll techniques, including what sound you should be aiming for and exercises for improving the consistency and flexibility of your rolls.
  • Flams.  An introduction to the flam-based rudiments and exercises for developing full-volume and quieter flams.
  • Sticking Methods.  This video talks about the pros and cons of both lead-hand sticking and natural sticking, and when you might want to choose each in your playing.

Cymbal and Tam-Tam

Keyboard Percussion:

  • Marimbalogy.  A great general resource for marimba technique, video lessons, equipment and other resources.
  • Setup and Playing Position.  Basic tips on setup, posture and performance technique.
  • Grip and Basic Stroke Technique.  Grip and stroke issues particular to mallet instruments.
  • Sticking Considerations.  Issues with sticking that are particular to mallet instruments, and the importance of alternating sticking and double stickings.
  • Rolls.  Hints and tips to help you develop consistent, resonant single-stroke rolls on mallet instruments.


  • Setup.  Often-overlooked tips on positioning the instrument, stand and mallet tray.
  • Grip and Stroke Technique.  Issues of types of grip and stroke particular to timpani playing.
  • Rolls.  How to perform long, sustained, consistent alternating stroke rolls on timpani.
  • Muffling.  How most effectively to muffle the timpani to achieve proper release.
  • Basic Tuning.  Hints and tips for tuning timpani, as well as how to pick the right drum for a given pitch.
  • More Tuning Techniques.  Advanced techniques for tuning timpani, as well as timpani tuning etiquette.

Auxiliary Percussion