Army Field Band Instructional Videos

US Army Field Band Instructional Videos (link)

The US Army Field Band’s collection of streaming online videos are broken down into several series, some of which we’ve highlighted in the other Tools and Resources section (e.g. The Trumpeter’s Resource), and some of which are new to us (e.g. The Joy of Singing, Inside the Big Band).  All of them are excellent, and worth your time as a musician!  Their current offerings include:

  • Trombone: A Player’s Guide
  • The Trumpeter’s Resource
  • The Complete Percussionist
  • The Joy of Singing
  • Inside the Big Band
  • Understanding the Oboe
  • Improving your Clarinet Section
  • Bassoon Basics
  • Horn Playing: Past and Present

The service bands are one of our great national resources, and part of their mission is improving music education across the country.  Take advantage of some of the great advice and instruction they have to offer!


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