Choosing Classes

  1. Can I be in the music department and still do athletics and co-curriculars? Yes!  Most of our students do; in fact, there are very few (if any) clubs or sports at NHS that don’t feature at least a few music students.  Many of our most successful and committed students not only participate in athletics and co-curriculars but serve as team captains and club officers.
  2. Can I be in more than one music class? Yes!  We frequently have students enroll in more than one ensemble class (one of the wind bands and one of the jazz ensembles, or one band and one chorus, are particularly common examples) at the same time.  A couple of students each year take three music courses–especially those planning on studying music at the college level–but this is only allowed if the student is fulfilling all of their other academic requirements.  Contact your guidance counselor if you have any questions.
  3. Can I return to an ensemble class if I took a year (or more) off? Yes!  For skill-building purposes, it is recommended that students studying band, chorus or jazz not take time off, but if you have taken a year or more off and wish to return, we’d always love to have you back!  If you are concerned about being rusty–and, more importantly, getting back in shape–contact Mr. O’Briant or Mrs. Cortright for recommendations.
  4. What instrumental ensemble(s) should I sign up for? We have two jazz classes–Jazz Ensemble, which is our advanced ensemble and requires instructor permission to enroll, and Jazz Workshop, which is a more introductory class and serves as a feeder group for the Jazz Ensemble. Additionally, we have two wind bands–Wind Ensemble, which requires instructor permission to enroll, and Symphonic Band, which is geared more towards skill development and is a feeder for the Wind Ensemble.  If you are interested in the challenge of performing in either of the instructor-permission-only groups, contact Mr. O’Briant.  Woodwind, brass and percussion players should sign up for Symphonic Band in addition to their jazz course, unless told otherwise by Mr. O’Briant.

As always, if you have any more questions and don’t find answers on the website, feel free to contact either Mr. O’Briant or Mrs. Cortright!