Careers in Music

Music is a lifelong activity–just about everyone knows at least one person in their sixties, seventies and beyond who is having as much fun and getting as much fulfillment out of making music as they did as school-aged young people.

Some students and parents are hesitant to commit to pursuing music as a college major or career path, though, because they are unaware of the huge range of employment opportunities available in the field of music.  Whether you want to teach, perform, record, compose, heal, do research, manage a business or something else, there is a fulfilling, profitable career in music for you.

If music is something you naturally gravitate towards, and if music is the most enjoyable part of your school day, we strongly recommend looking into a career in music.  Please speak with the music faculty or your guidance counselor–and explore the following links–for more information.

General Resources:

  • Berklee: Careers in Music.  The Berklee School of Music’s excellent general resource, with descriptions of dozens of possible careers in music.
  • What it Takes to be a Music Major.  An informative article that originally appeared in Teaching Music magazine in 1998 that outlines what skills and personality traits are necessary to be able to excel in music at the collegiate level.

Music Education:

  • MENC Future Teachers Community.  The Music Educators’ National Conference is an organization of over 130,000 current, former and future music teachers; their website has a wealth of resources about music education and how to get involved.

Music Therapy:

  • American Music Therapy Association:  The AMTA is the governing body of music therapy in the United States, setting standards for training in musicianship, assessment, documentation, clinical skills and other areas as well as requirements for licensure in order to practice music therapy in the US.  Their website has a huge amount of information on the different settings in which music therapists are employed and where students can earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in music therapy.

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