2014 Small Ensemble Nights

NHS Music is proud to invite you to its two annual Small Ensemble Night concerts, on Thursday, February 6th and Tuesday, February 11th in the NHS Auditorium.  Both shows are at 7pm, and are (as always) free of charge and open to the public.
These performances are the largest portion of NHS’ unique and extensive chamber music program.  Between December and February, all of the students in our large ensembles (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Chorus, Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Workshop) split up into performing groups usually ranging from 1-6 students.  They often choose their own repertoire and rehearse with minimal interference from the faculty, who are present primarily when students hit a rut, to help them to discover solutions to musical and interpersonal challenges.  The students research their repertoire, make artistic decisions about how to perform it, and take responsibility for self-preparation, critical listening and group-based problem-solving.  In doing so, they develop the independence, confidence, sensitivity, accountability and verbal and non-verbal communication skills that are so central to good musicianship.
The results are always fascinating and diverse!  The two concerts have completely different sets of repertoire from a wide variety of styles and genres of music, performed by a mix of vocal and instrumental students from differing backgrounds and levels of experience.  We hope you’ll come out to see what these students have been working on!

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