Alumni Wanted!

The 2nd All-Norwell Band Concert is coming up–and we’d like to get in touch with the many alumni who have come through our doors (from my time and before!) and invite you to come perform with us on Saturday, June 9that 1pm in the NHS Gym.

We’ll be holding two optional open rehearsals, open to any alum who’d like to get a chance to read through our repertoire for the show–on Thursday, June 7th from 12:15-1:09 and Friday, June 8th from 1:12-2:06.  You can still come perform on the 9th if you think you’ll feel comfortable with the repertoire.

Since there are most likely going to be four bands performing (from all four schools), the setlist is short:

  • Jack Stamp, Gavorkna Fanfare
  • Eric Whitacre, Cloudburst

Please feel free to contact me via email ( if you’re interested!


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