Music Blogroll #2: Sequenza 21

The second addition to our blogroll is a group-run website called Sequenza 21.  It specializes mostly in contemporary music, including a pretty entertaining mention recently of a music composition competition called Iron Composer Omaha, in which five Nebraskan student composers between the ages of 18 and 26 will be selected to compose a piece based on an instrumentation to be revealed at the start of the competition and which must include the use of a “secret” ingredient that the competition administrators will agree on before the start.  They only say that the secret ingredient can be “any kind of musical raw material,” which means it could be anything from a found object (a block of wood, toaster, etc.) to a chord progression or melodic fragment.  Cool stuff.

-Mr. O’Briant


2 responses to “Music Blogroll #2: Sequenza 21

  1. Joe:

    Thanks for the heads-up! I went ahead and added your mp3 blog to our list–it looks really great. If you’re ever out in the Boston area working on something, let me know!

    -John O’Briant

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